About CPSA

CPSA was originally founded by the departed Dr Saleem, may Allah subhanah-wa-taala have mercy on him, from his home in 1989. In 1991, CPSA was moved to its permanent home in Lombard, IL in the suburbs of Chicago as a premier establishment to provide unparalleled education in a highly-disciplined environment following the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad salah-allah. Dr Salim’s goal and the enduring vision of CPSA is to see a new generation of American Muslims take their place as leaders in society, making their way to the upper echelons of all fields and industries. CPSA has always promoted a STEM-focused curriculum designed to encourage critical thinking and rational analysis and our students are taught to both think for and rely on themselves to accomplish their dreams.

Today, CPSA has become famous nationwide for its rigorous and thorough attention to premium education in a conservative and disciplined environment. We instill in our students the very qualities that define leadership and excellence from a young age, and offer our services for children in the community of all ages, from preschool to 12th grade.

CPSA is recognized as the foremost Islamic elementary, middle, and high-school in the nation and has attracted both students and faculty from all corners of the continent. Students at CPSA are subjected to intense and directed one-on-one education with personal attention to their future career path, personal talents, and strengths and weaknesses.