Welcome to CPSA!

CPSA is a private school in the western suburbs of Chicago, offering an Islamic and academically-challenging curriculum for all students from grades K through 12. For the past 25 years, CPSA has been graduating the finest Muslim-American minds of our time. With a 100% college acceptance rate, CPSA prides itself on providing an intensive, career-oriented, and rigorous education combined with a proper understanding of Islamic beliefs and concepts in the context of the changing world to prepare the children of our community to become the leaders of tomorrow.

CPSA consistently outperforms other public and private schools on a national level in standardized examination. Each year, CPSA stands out with an average of 2+ NMSQT semi-finalists, an average PSAT score of xxx, and an average of 27 on the ACT. See for yourself.
CPSA’s entire curriculum, from kindergarten to 12th grade, is tailored to provide an advanced and solid grasp of the underlying concepts that give our students an advantage over others. It’s no wonder that CPSA consistently graduates students that can have their pick of the nation’s top colleges and universities. Read more about CPSA's curriculum.
At CPSA, we consider and work with students, parents, and teachers as a community. We believe the best education comes from continuous feedback and an ongoing home-school relationship.
The goal is simple: work with each student on an individual basis to make sure their understanding and comprehension of core concepts along with their performance on standardized exams and evaluations only goes in one direction: up.

Finding CPSA

CPSA is located near the intersection of Roosevelt and Finley Rds in Lombard.